Zuiderspel is organised by “stichting Zuiderspel”, and is a non-commercial organisation.

We manage this with the help of a wonderful group of volunteers. To make a success of Zuiderspel, we are always looking for companies to help Zuiderspel by sponsoring the convention. This can be done by sponsoring money or goods.

We can also offer you some sponsor deals at the convention:

Banner/flag at the convention (other than on your own booth) –  €50,-
Flyer or other item in the goodiebag – € 50,-
Handing out flyers (not in the goodiebag) – €25,-
Logo of your company on our website www.zuiderspel.nl – € 50,-

There is also a possibility to donate games for the lottery.
If you have a good idea to help us out, please sent an email to: info@zuiderspel.nl.

All sponsors will be named at the website of Zuiderspel.