Themed squares


Zuiderspel possesses 2 squares deserving of extra attention. This is the Theme square and the children’s square. In the following paragraphs a more detailed description will be given.

Theme square

Every year the theme square revolves around a certain theme. These may be old, but can also be new themes. This years theme is named “Feestelijk Fruit” also to be called Fruity Fruits. This is organized yearly by the board game association Roll The Dice. All games presented by RTD will be complementary to the Fruity Fruits theme. The choice of games is all up to Roll The Dice

Childrens square

The childrens square offers an extraordinary adventure for the little explorer. Different games such as Jenga and Rolit have been brought to life. Could you imagine playing Jenga with 30 cm blocks, or with gigantic pieces for 4-in-a-row? Zuiderspel offers this great opportunity. There will also be facepainting of course for the little ones with great imagination.