Kuldhara is a medium-weight engine building game with action planning, puzzling and pattern matching as additional mechanisms. If you wanted to describe it in one sentence, ‘a thematic version of Splendor vs Tash Kalar’ would cover the load pretty well.
In Kuldhara, the players take on the role of desert robbers who venture into dangerous territory, namely in the ghost village of Kuldhara, which is located in the Thar desert in India. 200 years ago, the inhabitants left this 900 year old village overnight. They decided to set fire to Kuldhara and disappear without a trace. But not everything seems to have gone up in smoke. According to rumors, there are still many valuable gems among the ruins. Robbers like you can’t pass up the opportunity to dig these one up. But that is not without danger. At night, the ghosts of these villagers still wander around in the village to protect them against intruders. Your mission is to make as valuable amulets as possible with these gems and give them to Lord Shiva. The desert robber who managed to win Lord Shiva’s favor before sunset will be eternally protected from the terror of the evil spirits!