Bad Rule Games

Bad Rule Games are board and card game developers Paul and Caroline from Vlaardingen. We have always been avid board game enthusiasts. While social media has become an important part of our lives, board games provide real bonding with friends and family. Especially during the lock-down measures of the corona pandemic, we realized how important it is to see each other, meet and have fun together in the offline world. We believe that bringing people together around the table to play board games brings more fun and creates stronger friendships. With Bad Rule Games we want to develop our own ideas into unique games. The games should have a meaning for us, whether it is about a great interest (Formula 1), a sunny and funny experience that makes us laugh (Sunbed Rush) or good times from the past (Zapp ’em!). We want to be 100% genuinely enthusiastic about our games. Not because we sell them, but because it means something to us. And with that we hope that there are others who see or share the same interests/experiences and therefore also like our games. Our goal is not to make games for the general public, but to share our fun in the form of unique games.

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