HOT Games

In recent years, HOT Games has published a varied range of games. During Zuiderspel you can play various board and card games, such as: Renature, Rajas van de Ganges, Checkered Rows, Tutto and Lusitania.
But also the latest titles, such as: The Enchanted Towers, in which you try to be the first to finish all your wizards in the black tower. For that you can move your wizards and the different towers. Catch other wizards and use your magic vials for bonus actions.

Atlantis will disappear into the ocean and you will be sent to Orichalcum as an expedition leader to explore new islands. Build settlements and temples, catch monsters and maybe receive favors from titans.
HOT Games is teaming up with Gam’in Biz, of which you can play Cubirds, Cubosaurus, wildCards and Hidden Leaders, among others.

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