Liberation Games Design

Liberation Game design makes thematic games, which are abstract enough to remain accessible to a wide audience. The theme of the games is very extensive researched to ensure that the gaming experience is very much in line with the theme of the game. Dutch resistance: Orange will win!

Dutch resistance: Orange will win! is a cooperative game about non-violent Dutch resistance during World War II. Play as one of the people who have really been in the resistance to complete the assignments, but be careful not to lose heart or get arrested. Make the right choices as you move past the occupiers and make sure you reach your goal in time in this exciting game. This game is already available for pre-order, but will be released later this year.

Distilled: A tasteful strategy game Distilled, which is offered for sale in the Dutch version, is a highly thematic and strategic game about the craftsmanship and management in a spirits distillery. In this game you inherited an abandoned distillery from a distant relative, and now it’s up to you to restore the family business to its former glory. You will learn new recipes and buy prestigious ingredients, bottles and barrels at the market. But you also need to invest in your distillery, by hiring specialists and buying equipment to fine-tune the distillation process. Can you beat the competition and earn the title of Master Distiller?

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