Uniek Bordspel Uitgeverij

The opportunity for everyone to have their own board or card game produced and published.
Uniek Bordspel also makes games that are not intended for the masses.
The print run varies from a few pieces and/or prototypes to large runs, depending on the demand.
A game of which only 1 or a few are made, or games that are custom developed for a company, such a game is truly unique.
Unique Board Game makes possible games for which there is no, or not yet, room for large editions, together with game creators. The logistics and specializations are geared to this.
The service provided by Uniek Bordspel goes further than just publishing and producing. Uniek Bordspel thinks along, plays along, designs along, advises, produces itself and sells.

At the upcoming Zuiderspel fair, Uniek Bordspel will be present again and of course also with our PitchStop:
Game creators can join here to show their game and get advice.
A pitch at our company works differently from regular publishers, as we do not invest directly in the game itself. We mainly look at the feasibility and possibilities of a game and advise on this. In addition to producing larger editions, we specialize in small editions in which you can invest yourself as a game creator. To keep a game affordable, we can give tips on what is technically possible and impossible for small editions. This way, as game creators, you get an idea and the opportunity to continue with your game. Because there are certainly games that have more potential than your own kitchen table! We are happy to commit to that.
Feel free to make a Pitchstop on Zuiderspel.


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