Lorcana tournament

Spelspul.nl organizes a Lorcana tournament in collaboration with Ravensburger. The tournament will be played on Saturday and Sunday. You can win some nice prices.

What is Lorcana?

Discover Disney’s newest sensation: Lorcana, the Trading Card Game. Collect and play with your favorite Disney characters, including the legendary Mickey Mouse, Elsa from Frozen and Simba from The Lion King. In Disney Lorcana you step into the shoes of an Illumineer, a true hero with a vivid imagination. With your magic brush and magic book you bring different colors of ink to life in the form of Disney characters and magical spells. Disney Lorcana is a fantastic collectible card game for both young and old to dive into the wonderful world of Disney.

The tournament:

Participants must register in advance at the Lorcana stand. If you don’t know the game yet, you can get an explanation at this stand in the morning and learn to play the game. A maximum of 24 players can participate in the tournament every day. Full is full.

  • You are familiar with the rules of Lorcana
  • You play with a starter deck (These are on the tables)
  • Each participant plays 3 rounds
  • The best players of the day play 2 final rounds
  • The game is played with the Swiss game system

When? Saturday and Sunday, March 16 and 17, 2024 from 1p.m. to 5:00 p.m

What does it cost? The tournament is free. You do pay for the exhibition access.

To register? If you want to participate, register on the day before the start of the tournament.

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